From a young age, some children are drawn to the world of magic potions, others fall straight into… the orchestra pit. With his father an oboist and his uncle a tenor, music is an integral part of Benjamin Ribolet’s life. Passionate about classical music and jazz, the violin became the instrument through which he channelled his early emotions.

While chords hold a particular resonance for Ribolet, as his notable work for quartetBible, les récits fondateurs testifies, it is through writing for orchestra that he has truly flourished. Highly adept at composing fitting scores, animation is where Ribolet shines brightest; notable examples are the series Alvinnn!!! & the Chipmunks and Xiaolin Chronicles. For Attention Menhir!, a new attraction at Parc Astérix in Paris, he delivered a joyful, upbeat theme, following in the footsteps of his predecessors; Gérard Calvi among others. It was a perfect opportunity to assert himself at the head of a prestigious collective, by conducting the 75 musicians of the Orchestre national d’Ile-de-France.

Influenced by the masterpieces of John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith, we can, at times, find affiliation with another great name: Alexandre Desplat. In the Claire Duguet and Leslie Grunberg documentary Rodin: A Modernist, a similar handling of tension and delicacy in developing the musical theme can be observed. An affinity which has by no means hindered Ribolet’s freedom to make his own mark. For the film Pérou, par delà les chemins sacrés, Ribolet created a score that is both personal and uplifting, blending exotic instruments with jazz tones with finesse, revealing a musical identity that is strong but never oppressive. A testament to his maturity.

written by Hubert Charrier – La Grande Evasion
Translation Tess Abbott

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